Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flowers on a vine

This spring inspired ring I call flowers on a vine, is lovely for any spring attire.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow and Finals

It has been snowing all morning long, and now its turning into rain and everything is a slushy mess. School was closed today and tomorrow it suppose to snow after 1:00pm and I have my final exam in the morning, so hopefully it will hold off until I get home! After tomorrow I will start making some new designs finally and also order some more things that I need. So be on the lookout for more updates!

Friday, December 4, 2009

buy any two items and get a FREE pair of Teeny Butterfly earrings!

*** For the month of December buy any two items and get a FREE pair of Teeny Butterfly earrings!***



Etsy jewelry artist spotlight!

Today I am putting the spotlight on a great jewelry maker on etsy- Fairy Twinkle Jewelry
She uses top grade items from the stones and all the way down to the earwires, her work is bright and colorful, fun and sophisticated!

The month of December she is offering a surprise gift with every total purchase!

So if you love colorful and beautiful jewelry that will captivate you and get compliments on, then take a gander at Fairy Twinkle's shop.


So I got the January 2010 issue of Art Jewelry mag, and their is an article in there about electroforming. It sounds really interesting and fun! You can practically almost plate anything, either organic or non-organic with copper. It takes a couple of hours to complete the process but the result is a spitting image of your original piece! In the article the artist electroformed a seed pod and then made some earrings out of them. If you don't have art jewelry mag, you should subscribe, their lots of great techniques and tutorials in there!

I hope to someday try this technique.

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